The career of Samuel Wassall, V.C., 80th Regiment


Born at Dudley, Staffordshire, 28 July. 1856. Birth Certificate with the late Mrs Margaret Pratt.
Enlisted at Dudley, 28th November, 1874
Stated on attestion: 18 years, 3 months
Age 18. 427, 80th Regiment
Regimental Register, 80th Ft.
Museum at Lichfield
The 80th Regiment arrived in South Africa, 1877 “The Stafford Knot”
Joined Carrington’s Mounted Infantry, aged 21, 1877. “London Magazine”
Served in the Galeka War, 1877-1878 “British Battles”
Won the Victoria Cross saving the life of Private Westwood in the Buffalo River, after retreat from Isandhlwana, 22nd January, 1879. VC register (Wm. M. Lummis)
Married 10th April 1882. (Stated age 23) Marriage Certificate
Died in North Lonsdale Hospital, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire, 31 January 1927, Age 70. Death Certificate (Wm. M. Lummis)
Letter from N.L. Hospital
Buried in Barrow Cemetary, 3rd February, 1927. (No Tombstone) Newspaper of Feb. 1927.
Letter from Director of Cemetaries, Barrow.

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