Wassell Motorcycles


A brief history of Wassell Motorcycles

Wassell was Founded by Second World War pilot Ted Wassell of Birmingham as a wholesaler of motorcycle parts and accessories in 1946.

They made a motocross bike powered by a 125cc Puch engine in 1970 and a trials bike with a 175cc BSA Bantam engine.

An off-road bike with a 125cc Sachs engine was produced in 1972.

After making more than 2,000 machines, high manufacturing costs and a falling American dollar, this made Wassell motorbikes too expensive for the US market, so Ted Wassell closed production in 1975.

A few photos of Wassell motor cycles

Wassell Sachs 125cc 1974 Motorcycle

Wassell Sachs 125cc 1974 Motorcycle

Wassell Trials Motorbike

Wassell Trials Motorbike

Wassell Trials Bike

Wassell Trials Bike

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